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Dr Goheen is going to be speaking at a conference in Bristol in a few weeks time.  Click here for details, there are still places available.

Here are a few lectures of his which I came across on the internet. They are excellent. Here is the link. (scroll to the bottom of the page) Here is the blurb for the lectures.

Dr. Goheen’s first session explores the gospel as the announcement that all of creation and human life is being renewed, and the church’s mission to make known that gospel in life, word, and deed. Understanding the comprehensive scope of the gospel is mission critical as we pray, work, study, and live in this world as God’s kingdom witnesses.

This second session explores how our capitulation to the Western worldview has limited the gospel and narrowed our mission. In order to fully embrace the big gospel of Jesus, we need to understand how we shrunk God?s big story in the first place.


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I am delighted to announce the forthcoming ‘Living at the Crossroads’ Mission, Worldview and Evangelism conference. This conference will take place on 4th April 2009 at Trinity College, Bristol, UK. The conference is based around themes from the recently published book ‘Living at the Crossroads’ by Craig Bartholomnew and Micheal Goheen.  Speakers include Micheal Goheen and, good friend and cheeky storyteller, Mark Roques

To keep up to date with this conference and obtain booking information go to the conference blog.


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Missing in Action:

I will be speaking at the following conference on the topic of ‘Working with Challenging Teenagers’. Sat 4th October, Leeds.

Here is the blurb.

Missing in Action:

where have the kids gone?

Communicating Christianity to youth today
Saturday 4th October 2008

There is a crisis with our young people. Few have heard the truth about Christianity, and most perceive the church to be boring and irrelevant. Research tells us that the UK Christian population is halving every generation. The voices of secular culture, via legislation, music, television, advertising, sport and consumerism, are drowning out the Christian voice. Not surprisingly, many Christians are failing to pass on
their faith to their children. How can we help our young people find and nurture vibrant Christian faith? How can we equip them to be ‘salt and light’ to their friends and peers? This conference is aimed at all who care passionately about the future of Christian faith in the UK. It will be punchy, provocative, practical and inspiring.

Click Missing in Action for more info

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