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The latest volume of Themelios is out which contains a review of N.T Wright’s Justification:Paul’s Vision and God’s Plan by a man called David Mathis from a place called Bethlehem Baptist Church. I thought that sounded familiar so I googled his name and discovered that he is the executive pastoral assistant to John Piper.

That is pretty weird….

Given the seriousness of this interchange between Wright and Piper you might have thought that they may have asked a reviewer who didn’t work for Piper. As it turns out, and there is no surprise here, it is quite a negative review. I do wonder if Piper may have had a hand in it….


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John Piper, N.T. Wright, and Justification Mp3

Gerald Bray has a written a piece on the Piper/Wright debate here.

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Last night I listened to a great biographical sketch by John Piper about the life,ministry and failings of the Anglican evangelist George Whitefield. Here is the link.


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