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I am trying to see if there is a way of effectively putting powerpoint presentations on my blog which other users can download, modify and use themselves. This is a test run using slides for a presentation I will be giving later this week. I don’t know how useful this is as the fonts are skewed and program does not account for custom animation when text is placed over other text. I guess I could easily redo some of the slides

Whilst people are having coffee the following video will be running.

In the presentation we will also be looking at 5 worldview questions which I can use off-line by using this free program.

I actually don’t use microsoft powerpoint but the free and excellent open office.


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Jon Swales, an ordinand and New Testament postgraduate research student from Bristol, England, will be leading two interactive, multimedia, teaching sessions on the topic of ‘Bible and Worldview’ at St John the Evangelist, Hamilton. In a lively and engaging style Jon will seek to show how the biblical story has implications for everyday life. Session One will take place on Thursday 3rd July, beginning with Coffee at 7.15pm, and will be entitled ‘Plato, Wine and the Christian Worldview’ . Session Two will take place on Thursday 10th July, at 7.15pm, and will be entitled ‘Jesus and the Foretaste of the Kingdom’. All are welcome and feel free to invite a friend.

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