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The Western Church needs to realise that amongst young people a major epistemological shift is taking place. The emergent church seeks to respond to this new development in a number of ways. The following mp3s from the ACTS 29 network, which is essentially a reformed church planting group, offer the following on their website. The talks are by Darrin Patrick who is lead pastor of ‘the Journey’

The History and Streams of the Emergent Church

Popular Terms of the Emergent Church

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I found the first session quite helpful. The last session seesk to critique some major players in the emergent movement. However it’s lack of detail leaves one a little dissapointing.  If anyone has any links to toher mp3’s on the emergent church then please pass them onto me and I will include them in the body of this post.

I look fwd to some comments from fellow trinity bloggers Lee Barnes and Jon Taylor. Are there any other Trinity bloggers out there?


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Click here…  Just listening to The Stage, the Story and the Script which talks about the bible being a Theo-Drama and a five act play. Creation-Fall, Israel, Jesus, The Church, The Consummation.

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